The replacement of the previous folding glass door veranda of the restaurant “Dai Monelli” in Luino (Varese) with Eku 170 AS TT a lift-and-slide windows system, has resulted in the creation of a contemporary-looking structure with geometrical and squared lines that aesthetically and functionally blend seamlessly with the previously dated building.

The widest view possible was the aim of the owners of the “Dai Monelli” restaurant in Luino, Varese, facing out onto Lake Maggiore, when they decided to replace the old folding glass door veranda with the new lift-and-slide doors of the Eku 170 AS TT series. «Before creating the new structure, we analysed the context, the colour matches and the environmental and landscape restrictions, so as to obtain large-span glass panels that would provide maximum visual permeability through a contemporary structure well integrated into the existing building, thus resulting in an increase in overall value” comments the land surveyor Mr. Mauro Cordini, the designer and supervisor of the project.

Given that the new windows have been installed on a pre-existing supporting frame, i.e. metal posts supporting the insulated sheet metal roof, the design aimed at making the windows’ locking sides – namely the windows’ vertical structures – correspond with these posts, so as not to create additional visual barriers that would interfere with visibility.

Overall, 2 lift-and-slide panels consisting of two panes, and 2 lift-and-slide panels consisting of three panes, were installed, each one fitted with a roller system capable of bearing up to 300 kg in weight, and covering a total surface area of approx. 53 m2. The largest pane measures 2.10×2.65 metres, while the largest lift-and-slide system weighs over 700 kg – these numbers alone are enough to give an idea of how complex the installation was.

“The lift-and-slide panels were assembled and tested in the workshop” explains the quantity surveyor Mr. Claudio Di Lorito, owner of the company Centro Infissi that built all of the doors and windows, including the new main entrance door (Eku 66 TT series), “and then were disassembled, transported to the site, reassembled and installed». Due to their great weight, during installation it was necessary to reinforce the bottom concrete kerb. Externally, between the kerb and the windows, a fascia prepainted in the same colour of the window system was installed to bring continuity between the wall and the window system and also to act as protection against water infiltration.

Why choose the Eku 170 AS TT system?

For this project, the designers chose the Eku 170 AS TT thermal break sliding and lift-and-slide elements system because it is the only system that allows to create large-sized window and door systems with ample glazing surfaces while ensuring elegance, performance and functionality. In fact, this system comes equipped with hardware that allows the final user to open and close the large panels with a fluid and light movement.

The windows were finished with Ral 8019, a dark grey-brown colour that comes very close to the colours of the shutters and sheet-metal elements already present in the structure. The clean, squared outlines harmonise not only with the geometrical linearity of the new eaves, made of Ral 8019 prepainted aluminum, but with the entire structure.

This is an excellent example of how one can modernise a structure without upsetting its aesthetic/scenic balance. Satisfied with the end result were not only the owners but also the local authorities; indeed, the municipal officials present at the opening clearly expressed highly positive opinions to this regard.