EKU 66 TT and EKU 78 TT series for exterior doors: maximum strength and reliability

The EKU 66 TT and EKU 78 TT series for thermal break exterior doors have been designed for creating pedestrian doors opening inwards or outwards with panic bars and flush-fitting on both sides. Thanks to their special hardware, doors from this series can be integrated into building automation.

Designed to meet the strictest energy requirements of current European regulations, both series are ideal for creating large-sized glazing, openable or fixed, along with casement openings from the EKU 66 TT and EKU 78 TT series for thermal break doors and windows. The 78 TT system offers particularly good heat insulation, in response to greater demands for energy saving.

The profile geometry and use of high-quality components ensure that the structure is extremely robust, thus satisfying all requirements for load-bearing.
EKU 66 TT and EKU 78 TT doors blend stylishly into any context and give good protection against the weather.
The systems offer a wide choice of finishes, colours and effects to satisfy all demands for aesthetic personalisation.

Prestazioni EKU 66 TT ed EKU 78 TT

EKU 66 TT Porte EKU 78 TT Porte
Trasmittanza termica dei profili Uf 2,4÷2,8 W/m2K 2,4÷2,8 W/m2K
Permeabilità all’aria Classe 3 Classe 3
Tenuta all’acqua Classe A2 Classe A2
Resistenza al carico di vento Classe C3 Classe C3


Advantages EKU 66 TT – EKU 78 TT:

  • extraordinary thermal insulation with among the lowest heat transfer (Uf) values in its category;
  • seals made in highly thermo-insulating materials;
  • high resistance and minimum maintenance;
  • profile strength for building large doors and windows;
  • high load-bearing hardware;
  • vast range of profiles, shapes and finishes to satisfy all aesthetic and construction requirements.